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Food and nutrition are at the center of my life. I like growing and cooking my own food and as a part of a family dairy farm, producing food for others. I have been fascinated by animals since I can remember and have always surrounded myself with them. Caring for animals became my passion and while completing my pre-veterinary curriculum at Cornell I began taking various animal nutrition classes. Finally I could combine my love for food with my love for animals! I went on to work with a large animal feed company, then vet school at Ross University and onto a clinical nutrition residency at Cornell. 

R.M. Streeter Animal Nutrition Consulting was started in response to many requests for advice from companion animal and equine food and treat manufacturers. I focus on the science of nutrition and am here to help with formulation and guidelines for the industry. If your goal is to produce the highest quality pet food, I am here to provide my knowledge, experience and passion to help you meet that goal.



Dog & Cat Food Formulations

Equine Nutrition

AAFCO Guidelines


Telephone: 607-838-6011

Fax: 855-431-6579

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