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Thank you for considering veterinary nutrition referral through RM Streeter Animal Nutrition Consulting!
The aim is to make this as streamlined and efficient as possible without compromising patient care. 

How it works:
- This is a specialty consultation service provided to you. Since a valid client patient relationship can currently only be through face-to-face interaction and examination, client communications must occur through you. 

- Prices for client consultations as well as in-depth phone consultations are provided below. You are encouraged to add on an additional fee to your client for the time involved in managing these cases. Invoices will be sent to your clinic and you can pay via check or online (see the "Make a Payment" tab).

- Consultation: $78.00
- Homemade diet formulation level 1: Consultation + Additional $195.00
- Homemade diet level 2: Consultation + Additional $292.50
- Follow-up: $50.00
- Follow-up with Reformulation: $100.00
- Brief phone consultations are free. If you need Dr. Streeter to research products, recommend a specific amount of food for your patient or a dose for supplementation there is a $50.00 consultation fee.

What is involved in a consultation?
Dr. Streeter will evaluate the patient's nutritional goals based on the information provided and a nutrition plan will be created. This could be recommendations for potential types of appropriate diets and recommended feeding amounts, recommended additional supplements and amounts, recommendations for treats or a homemade diet formulation. The consultation fee takes into consideration the time it takes to review records, create the individualized plan and write up the recommendations.

What is involved in a homemade diet formulation?
A homemade diet may be desired by a client or needed to take into consideration various health issues. A daily balanced recipe will be provided along with an explanation of the nutritional goals met with the diet. A level 1 homemade diet is a diet that uses supplements designed for dogs (powdered supplements) and is comprised of 8 ingredients or less. 

How is a level 2 homemade diet different?
These diets take longer to formulate. They use human supplements (caplet or powdered form), are comprised of  more than 8 ingredients, require adjustments for feeding multiple dogs or, have an ingredient option. For instance, "use brown rice or potatoes".

What is involved with follow-up?
A patient's nutritional needs and response to diet are ever-changing. Follow-up consultations are needed for reformulations with alternative ingredients or supplements or address various questions and concerns regarding a diet or response to a diet. Please keep in mind, if a completely different diet is required, initial charges may re-apply. 

To begin: 

- Please have your client fill out the Nutrition Consultation Form and send it back to you.
- Please fill out the Veterinary Nutrition Referral Form and e-mail or fax it along with the consultation form to Dr. Streeter.
- Please call or e-mail Dr. Streeter with any questions or to discuss a case. 

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