What is the purpose of a nutrition consultation?

To help owners find the best diet for their pets. A veterinarian may also contact me on behalf the their client and patient for the same purpose. 

How do consultations work?

I will review the records from your regular veterinarian and the nutrition consultation form from you (see below). Medical issues and nutritional goals for the management of those issues will be determined and a diet plan will be made. Feeding recommendations or homemade diet formulations will be written up and sent to your primary care veterinarian who will pass them on to you. Typical turnaround time is about one week.

Why does the consultation have to be performed through my veterinarian?

In veterinary medicine, at this time, a legally valid client-patient relationship requires an in person meeting and physical examination. 

Is there a charge for the consultation?

Yes. This is because there is considerable time spent reviewing the health records and making a determination for the nutritional goals. Further time is spent during finalizing feeding recommendations as well as recording them. If a homemade diet is being formulated, it may take several additional hours to formulate and write up the plan. Your veterinarian will be billed for the consultation and payment received through them. Because it takes considerable time for your veterinarian to manage a nutrition consultation, I encourage them to have their own additional fee which takes this time into consideration. My fees are available under the "Referring Veterinarian" tab for your veterinarian's convenience. Please understand, this is not necessarily the final cost to you. 

Ready for a consultation?

Fill out the Nutrition Consultation Form below and send it to your veterinarian. Please ask them to request a consultation by filling out the referral form and e-mailing it to RMSAnimalNutrition@gmail.com or faxing to 607-453-4366.